American business has arrived at a pivotal moment.

With four distinct generations active in, and critical to, the marketplace and workplace, a new baseline of generationally-designed research is now essential in many, MANY, industries.

Generationally-designed research studies are different from traditional demographic and psychographic studies.

Chuck Underwood is trained by The Burke Institute in qualitative research methodology and focus-group moderating. He also partners with leading research firms in quantitative studies.

He has moderated, designed, and managed generational research studies for clients in retail, architecture and engineering, the trade-show industry, soft-drink, consumer packaged goods, insurance, the United States Navy, and the healthcare industry, among others. Some studies focused upon the marketplace, others upon the workplace.

Consistently, the findings of his generationally-designed research reveal vital and original insights that demographic and psychographic studies might have missed.

Chuck says: “Our generational studies are designed to capture the influence of generation-specific core values upon consumer decisions, career choices, and lifestyle preferences and to provide easy-to-interpret action plans for our clients.

“We include generational core values in the creation of the Discussion Guides and Questionnaires. We identify specific questions that are ripe for deeper probes, based upon known generational influences.

“Generational study provides upfront guidance and additional back-end interpretations to the entire research project. The consistent result? Extra-rich findings that are also reader-friendly and actionable.”

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