“I was surfing channels during a commercial break for the Olympics this afternoon and came across your program on PBS.  I want to thank you for such a wonderful, poignant and uplifting speech, conversation, diagnosis – you choose the words.  I forgot about the Olympics and watched your program to the end .”

Sharon – Los Angeles

“I caught your broadcast on “the Silent Generation” and I was astounded, you explained my father’s entire life story and his core beliefs, which I have observed over the last 43 years.  I would love to sit with my other four siblings and my father and watch the program again.  I think it would bring tears to everyone, especially my father, because he has tried over the years to explain his life and why he does things the way he does, but with no success.  When I saw your program, I sat straight up in bed and didn’t blink an eye during the entire program.”

Chris – Cincinnati

“It is a rare occasion that I sit and watch television in the afternoon, but I did today (Sunday), and I’m fascinated with your research.  I was moved to tears with the realization and understanding of my parents, particularly my mother.”

Nicole – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“I saw your wonderful presentation “America’s Generations” on PBS.  It was one of the most compelling things I have ever seen on TV.”

John – San Francisco

Chuck Underwood is the creator and host of “AMERICA’S GENERATIONS WITH CHUCK UNDERWOOD” on PBS. This miniseries presents the life stories – thus far! – of the Silent, Boomer, GenX, and Millennial generations.

Humorous, poignant, and unforgettable storytelling. A mesmerizing stroll down Memory Lane AND a forecast of each generation’s future.

And now comes the stunning 7th show: “Boomers Up. No Excuse.” This show explains why the G. I. Generation delivered truly great leadership when it took its turn at the top of America after World War Two, why the Silents were never prepared for their leadership era and handled it poorly during the 1990s and 2000s, and why the Boomers now have no excuse for anything short of brilliant leadership. This show is a Call To Action to Boomers to fix the mess at the top of corporate and government America. And it is “must” viewing in every corporate c-suite, living room, and college leadership course.

5 DVDs and Chuck’s new book are available to you. Each DVD is approximately one hour in length:

  1. Millennials
  2. GenX
  3. Baby Boomers
  4. Silent Generation
  5. Boomers Up. No Excuse

To purchase these DVDs and Chuck’s comprehensive book The Generational Imperative, click here:

AMERICA’S GENERATIONS WITH CHUCK UNDERWOOD is stirring, enjoyable, and intimate conversation – in our living rooms, classrooms, workplaces, houses of worship, corner taverns, and online – that helps to bridge the generation gaps that exist throughout our nation.

The DVDs are perfect holiday and birthday and friendship gifts: for your children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, classmates, and friends.

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