“He is the best speaker on understanding and marketing to the five generations I’ve ever heard. Funny, lively and knows his subject cold.”

San Diego

National Association
of Consumer Shows

“Absolutely a great speaker with a deep and well-researched insight and knowledge in strategies of generational marketing.”


Open-Admission Seminar

“I attended your speech in West Hollywood last night. Fannnntastic!”

Los Angeles
American Marketing Association of Southern California

“Underwood – totally outstanding!”


Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Chuck Underwood’s training programs, research, and consulting in Generational Marketing Strategy are designed to assist TGI’s clients in each step of the marketplace process:

  • Market/Consumer Research
  • Development Of Products, Services, Facilities, Events, And Brand
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Selling
  • Relationship Building
  • One-On-One Interpersonal Skills
  • Customer And Client Service
  • … And much more.

Chuck says: “Well-executed generational marketing strategy consistently delivers what all marketers desire but seldom get: it cuts through the clutter of all that content floating around out there and resonates with each generation it targets. And so, generational considerations must now be a permanent “filter” through which American business runs all of its marketplace planning, creative work, and final decision-making.”

Client says: “Our members are all senior marketing executives. Chuck Underwood was viewed as one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers we have ever had in eight years. He is amazing!”

Executive Director – University of Denver Marketing Roundtable

To contact TGI about Generational Marketplace Strategy:

EM: [email protected]

PH: 937.247.1123 (Ohio)