“The theories that Chuck Underwood espouses have significant application to the political process.

In the future, I believe generational considerations will transcend traditional demographic information in importance. Politicians and political campaigns alike would benefit greatly from this information and Chuck’s insights.

I understand how each of us is a product of our times – the impressions made on us at the time in our life when we are most receptive. Those that share the same time of receptivity are vulnerable to the same messages and have the same basic values imprinted on them.”

Charles (Chip) Gerhardt


Government Strategies Group, LLC

Prior to a recent general election in the U.S., an advertising agency in Ohio hosted Chuck Underwood’s nonpartisan half-day seminar in Generational Campaign Strategy. Soon after, the agency was asked to promote a local ballot-issue campaign, using generational strategy.

In the election that year, there were three similar ballot-issue campaigns in the state of Ohio. The one that made use of generational strategy was the only one that voters passed.

Chuck Underwood’s training programs in Generational Political And Campaign Strategy are designed to enhance:

  • Fundraising
  • Staff And Volunteer Recruitment
  • Research
  • Platform/Position Development
  • Event Strategy
  • Speech Content
  • Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations
  • Legislative Relations/Lobbying
  • … and more.

Chuck says: “Training in Generational Political Strategies sensitizes elected officials, their challengers, campaign strategists, advocates, lobbyists, and all others involved in the political process as to the needs and preferences of each generation of voters and thus helps them to better serve their constituents.”

To contact TGI about Generational Marketplace Strategy:

EM: chuck@genimperative.com

PH: 937.247.1123 (Ohio)