“Quite possibly the greatest presentation I have ever experienced.”


Dept. of Veteran

“I have read much on generational behavior and attended other sessions; this was truly the best.”

New York

Healthcare Association of New York State

“Mr. Underwood was, in one word, perfect.”

Cleveland – Veterans Healthcare Administration Leadership Institute

“Underwood – totally outstanding!”


Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

Three, and sometimes four, generations are active in the American workplace: Boomers; GenX; Millennials; and, in some cases the Silent Generation.

Each generation brings unique core values, career attitudes, strengths and weaknesses to their work. And so it is imperative for employers, management, and employees to understand those differences.

TGI’s training programs in Generational Workforce Strategy help organizations to:

  • recruit the best employees from each generation;
  • onboard them smoothly, in those critical first few hours, days, weeks, and months;
  • train them appropriately;
  • manage and lead them effectively;
  • help all employees to maximize their fulfillment with their work and, with that, their productivity;
  • enhance inter-generational understanding and cooperativeness amongst all employees;
  • train current leaders in generational diversity and generational leadership;
  • prepare future leaders and, by doing so, help to ensure orderly succession of leadership;
  • … and much more.

Chuck says: “Here are the challenges: retaining Boomers and getting the best possible leadership from them. Retaining X’ers and preparing them for leadership. Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining Millennials, and helping them to embrace realistic expectations. Training in Generational Workforce Management is no longer optional. It’s now imperative. It’s all about productivity, turnover reduction, teamwork, culture, and bottom line.”

Client says: “Phenomenal! I just wish I knew how to keep this in the back of my mind at all times. I tend to forget and fall into my own generational attitude and behavior. Is there a way to do that?”

Orlando – Institute Of Internal Auditors national conference

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