This page explains how you can purchase products
by mailing your order and a check.

If any of the instructions below are unclear, please contact Chuck directly at:
PH: 937-247-1123 (8am to 8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday)
E-Mail: [email protected]

These DVD’s are from the national-television project AMERICA’S GENERATIONS WITH CHUCK UNDERWOOD on public television. Each DVD is about one hour in length:

1. Silents
2. Boomers
3. Gen X
4. Millennials
5. Boomers Up. No Excuse.

Each DVD costs $24.95. Each copy of the book costs $29.00.

The four-DVD set – Silents, Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials – is discounted to $79.80 plus shipping, a savings of more than $20.

The five-DVD set adds the newest show: “Boomers Up – No Excuse” and is discounted to $93.75 plus shipping, a savings of more than $30.

Please add the shipping cost to your order, as follows:
•If you’re purchasing one to 10 items, the total shipping cost is $5.00.
•If you’re purchasing 11 to 20 items, the total shipping cost is $10.00.
•If you are ordering more than 20 items or need them to be shipped to a location outside the U.S., please email Chuck Underwood directly for the exact shipping cost: [email protected]


•If you’re ordering one DVD, the total cost – including shipping – is $29.95.
•Two DVD’s cost $54.90.
•Three DVD’s cost $79.85
•The four-DVD set is discounted and costs $84.80.
•And the five-DVD set, including shipping, is discounted to $98.75.

Then, mail (1) the itemized list of exactly which items you’re purchasing, including (2) how many copies of each item, along with (3) your check, payable to “TGI, Inc.”, to:

TGI, Inc.
1895 Leiter Road
Miamisburg, OH 45342

Don’t forget to specify which DVD titles you want: the “5-DVD Set”, the “4-DVD Set”, or “Millennials”, or “GenX”, or “Boomers, or “Silents”, or “Boomers Up – No Excuse”.

In addition to personal and family enjoyment and conversation, these DVDs and the book are popular with book clubs, class reunions, church groups, college classes (in history, marketing, leadership, human resources, sociology, psychology, and dozens more), co-workers, and just about everywhere else.

And they make for unique gifts for friends and loved ones. Enjoy your conversations about America’s Generations…